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We transform brands, products, services, business models and organizations to enable them to grow.

About Us

Success through Innovation

As design innovators we map the strategy developed and strategy implemented to ensure seamless interactions and create memorable experiences. We align the goals of your organization to the needs of your customer – creating customer delight in your brand experience.


We are


We Are

Proficient Strategic Solutions

“From ideation, strategy to delivery we are here to make sure your business succeeds. We believe that every project is unique, every client is special. Trust our experts..”

– Shivendra Mohan – President PSS
Winning Strategies

We assist you with strategic planning to identify and improve productivity and effectiveness of your internal operations and develop solutions to improve organizational effectiveness.

What Sets Us Apart

Business Direction Providers

The strategy team studies the market requirements and aligns your direction with the needs of the customers and the new trends of the industry.

Nimble & Responsive

The business environment is constantly changing. Our team ensures that your business strategies align with the changing politico-statutory environment to keep you ahead of the curve.

Aligning People & Processes

Any brand is only as good as its people. We provide training and development services to enable our clients to empower their employees to maintain their functions effectively.

Resilient Supply Chain Solutions

We design supply chains with built in safeguards and redundancies to minimize risks in case of disruptions.

Technology Integrators

Technology is the cornerstone of business growth today. We ensure that you don't have to worry about the what, when and how of implementing the right technology for your business.

Some of our projects…

Some Of Our Clients

The PSS Way


Systematic Approach

We initiate each project with a thorough research to ensure that we have all the necessary data and analysis to increase performance and sustain results in the long-term.


Subject Matter Experts

Our experienced consultants have a vast Industry experience that is leveraged to provide our clients with customized solutions.



Our solutions offer organization wide integration to ensure smooth deployment and enhanced customer service.



The teams deployed are flexible dependant on our clients needs. In addition knowledge transfer and training if required to ensure our client and their staff can carry forward.

The PSS advantage for your business

Creating A Unique Brand

Designing a story that is as special and as unique as we feel each client is.

Increasing Productivity

Innovative strategies to increase the effectiveness of internal systems, people and processes. A 360 degree change from the inside out.

Integrating Technology And Digital Solutions

Improving client systems and process efficiencies via digitization and integration of latest technologies.

Optimizing Costs

Audits and checks to ensure improved efficiency and reduced costs in the long run.

New Market Expansion

We enable you to expand beyond borders, scale and grow our client’s operations and enter new markets. From M&As to collaborations we identify opportunities based on our clients requirements and capabilities.

Enhancing Customer Experiences

Optimization and consolidation of the brand communication mapped with effective training solutions to enable all client touchpoint to give a unified brand experience resulting in customer delight.

Revamping Your Supply Chain

Improving SCM networks via audits, WMS design and technology integration.

Creating Luxury Brands

Creating innovative, refined and sustainable brands that command a premium.

Why Choose Us: Because we have the right skillset to Improve your organization’s brand and processes…

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